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Our Bride’s Incredible Wedding Dress Story

Recently, we received a touching story from Patrice Grady-Erickson, a beautiful bride who was a delight to work with and looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gown that she picked from Wedding Atelier.

Below is story and her gorgeous wedding photos from Rome:

I wanted to write to thank the entire team at Wedding Atelier for helping me not only choose my dress, but add advice, provided excellent customer service, accomodate my requests and complete excellent alterations. Not only did you go above and beyond but you made me a jacket, a jacket that was perfect and just want I wanted. Those that don’t know the story here is a quick re-cap. After you packed my dress in a carry on I got on a plane to Rome to meet my family. The first thing I did was take my beautiful dress out of my luggage that May did such a great job packing and hung to get the small wrinkles out. Later that afternoon my sister (maid of honor) and I went for lunch, upon our return to the apartment we rented, I noticed fire trunks in the street…

Our apartment had caught on fire, everything was ruined including my dress. Everyone was ok (thank god) but my emotions were going wild. It took an Italian dry cleaner 4 times to try and get the smoke damage out of my veil, jacket and dress.

After all was said and done, I looked at my Mom (the one who came with to pick out the dress) and said “I am going to wear my dress, I don’t care it’s my dress”. So with that said I wanted to share this story with the team at wedding atelier, if it wasn’t for all your support and helpfulness I would of walked away from my dress and possibly my wedding.

But it wasn’t just a dress, it was an experience and only a bride will understand. I wanted to share these pictures with you, they are from my photographers website, he did a great job of covering the damage with the black and white photos. At the bottom is a quick video of the day. Marnie was my bridal stylist so please make sure she and May see the pictures. Kevin and I were married on May 24, 2012 at St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican in Rome. Please enjoy, this was a journey and you were part of it so thank you! I tell everyone how fabulous your Atelier is.” Best, Patrice Grady-Erickson

All photographs thanks to Julian Kanz Photography

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