Tulle NY

Tully NY is a small team based in New York and hosted in over 20 stores. Since Tulle NY founding in 2011, they've been exploring how to make their brides feel beautiful through elegant design and the luxury of choice.

Country: Havana, Cuba

Prices From: $3,300 - $6,000

Antonio was born in Havana, Cuba – one of the most romantic cities in the world. Naturally, he gravitated to designing wedding gowns because of their potential to bring pure joy, excitement, and delight. After all, we’ve heard that Cubans will go to great lengths for a bit of joy. After grabbing his cousins’ Barbie dolls to create toilet paper gowns behind closed doors, Antonio graduated to using fabric scraps that fell from his mother’s cutting table. At her factory, where he first sat down in front of a sewing machine, he felt it was more about realizing a vision than sewing stitches.

Antonio Gual continues to enchant the love-struck and betrothed through his body-contouring silhouettes of Silk and and the finest French Laces. His thoughtfully placed seam details highlight the feminine form and the impeccable fit of his uniquely modern, yet timeless designs.