Birenzweig bridal is about making dreams come true. With passion and innovative style, Adi and Ofir create dresses with a strong statement and unique signature.

Country: Tel Aviv, Isreal

Prices From: $6,500 - $12,000

Birenzweig is a unique fashion house that creates high-end bridal gowns. The designers Adi and Ofir offer luxurious bridal gowns that combine architectural sensibilities with classic bridal couture.

Birenzweig dresses are edgy but always very feminine and sensual. The mix between modern and traditional, create new, individual, and unique dresses.  Using special techniques of cutting and rebuilding, Birenzweig develops handmade fabrics with innovative details. Each dress is hand crafted beautifully with attention to comfort and the finest level finishes.

Adi and Ofir are a husband and wife design team who together attended Shenkar, a top art and design school , ranked highly worldwide. Adi studied Fashion Design, while Ofir studied Jewelry and Accessories Design. Adi and Ofir decided to combine their talents and create their own fashion label. Their new clothing line became a success, and Birenzweig was selected by leading fashion magazines as one of the Top 10 Promising Designers of 2012. In the same year, they began to design wedding gowns.