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The inspiration behind my wedding was vintage beach. I grew up in New Jersey and love the nostalgia of the boardwalk. We wanted a non-traditional, destination feeling wedding ceremony on the beach. For our reception, we chose a musical venue in Asbury Park that inspired us to have live performers and a DJ. For Table Numbers I used vintage Jersey Shore postcards. Guests received fresh squeezed lemonade from the boardwalk and cotton candy as favors. My husband and I come from different backgrounds so we wanted to infuse our cultures into the wedding. Our officiant played acoustic guitar and an African harp throughput the ceremony. He performed an Eastern European 7 Scarves Blessing with other cultural elements. After dinner the Bridal Party performed the Grand March, a West African tradition that informs the guests that the dance floor is open. We had a blast planning our big day and loved incorporating our culture and personalities to create our dream wedding.

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